Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miguel A. Garcia & Zan at Velvet Lounge

After his Xedh set.

Soundbooth at Velvet Lounge

Velvet Lounge staircase

from band performance level looking down.

Zan as Koons Burghermeister

in front of Hirshorn with Lichtenstein brushstroke.

Zan vs Balzac

Fist of Boccioni

My pin-up DeKooning pose


Stella Smile

Kinetic light display at Hirshorn

Hirshorn courtyard

Our visit to Tropical DC


Curry smell flowers

How many peppers would Cool Zan pick if Cool Zan could pick peppers?


who loves plants?

ferns sky

Plant mania

On second floor walkway

Inside with spanish moss

Cool Carl speaks for the plants

all part of 12 public gardens from across America

Then there was Kentucky's own Bernheim Forest

...where Carol & I first held hands on a forest walk.

Cool Carl in Plant Heaven

Succulent stacks

A day later at the East Wing of the National Gallery in the Abstract Expressionist room there were a couple sculptures that lookes like these plants.


Meijer Gardens comes to DC

This is a popular destination in the part of Michigan Carol grew up in, created by the superstore magnate Frederik Meijer & magically our first site as we approached the U.S. Botanical Gardens was this display.


Cool Carl & the Lantanas

Monarch on lantana, a popluar DC flower

Cool Carl at the Supreme Court

Pressing my case at the Supreme Court

Waiting at BWI, ready to go to DC

Soutwest Leaving Louisville for DC